Waypoint Media owners Mike Reed and Bill Christian

The Waypoint Media Story

The name Waypoint Media comes from a navigational term to set a point or destination on a journey. Waypoint Media may not be the end of the journey as this story is not yet complete, but it is a very important part of my journey in life and in this wonderful business of television.

Waypoint was founded on January 23, 2008, with the acquisition of WGBC-TV and LMA partnership with Wade Threadgill of Meridian Media’s WMDN-TV. Our story is based on a concept of “Paying it Forward”. As it was paid forward to us, we seek daily to share that blessing and pay it forward to others.  We pay it forward by the way we run our business, treat our employees and how we serve our communities.

We believe that philosophy has empowered us for the past ten years as Waypoint has grown from managing those two TV stations to managing 14 TV streams and four radio stations in five markets. Our newly acquired stations in Jackson, Tennessee; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Lafayette, Indiana came as a result of partnering with an old friend and co-worker, Bill Christian.

Working with Bill was so much fun back in the 80’s and 90’s and we decided to try to go have some fun again by partnering with these new stations. I suppose that venture became the second Waypoint of our ownership journey.

Today, we collectively own 18 TV stations and four radio stations and we share in the daily operational duties along with our corporate team and our management team. Still doing what we love and trying to make it fun while paying it forward to others.